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Comf-iT Bed Incontinence Monitor

Comf-iT Bed Incontinence Monitor

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A unique cotton sheet with embedded silver coated wires is used to detect either urination in the bed or vomiting onto the pillow. The monitor unit is connected to the sheet by two wires and once wetness is detected an alarm signal is raised. The radio unit passes the alarm to an Alert-iT pager while the wired unit can trigger a Nurse Call system.

The monitor also has a Call button by which the user can call the carer, either for Assistance or, by using a long press, for an urgent need. The cotton sheet features 4 connections, two for detecting moisture and two to allow testing of the sheet for wire breakage after washing. The Guardian monitor features a four terminal measurement that automatically detects a failure, on other monitors the test is manual. The sheets are guaranteed to stand 25 washes, but in practice many have been in service for two or three years without failure.

The monitors use advanced pulse measurement to ensure a reliable measurement of wetness. Using our monitors removes the need for regular nocturnal visits to the clients, which disturbs them and can cause behavioural issue, especially with Dementia. It also releases staff for more pertinent caring chores. The monitor also incorporates a two level call button. A quick press sends an ASSIST alarm to the pager while a long press (5 seconds) sends an URGENT alarm.

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