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Mowbray Toilet Seat & Frame Lite - Fixed Width - Assembled

Mowbray Toilet Seat & Frame Lite - Fixed Width - Assembled

Loaning this equipment

This equipment can be loaned from East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership, however we don’t know if this is suitable for you until you tell us more about yourself.

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Exclusively designed and developed by NRS Healthcare, the Mowbray Toilet Frame and Seat is designed to assist those who have difficulty in lowering onto or rising from a standard toilet. The Mowbray has a proven track record for comfort, durability and safety and is the preferred choice of Occupational Therapists. This new, cost effective Mowbray ‘Lite’ has the same features as the traditional Mowbray but with a redesigned seat. The new seat is higher at the back making it particularly suitable for a person who needs extra support to sit and rise. It also features a shorter chute to suit more modern toilets. This freestanding option comes fully assembled. Features: Ergonomically Designed, One Piece Moulded, Contoured Seat, Gently Sloping Seat for Thigh Support and Comfort, Front Cutaway for Personal Cleaning, Durable, Epoxy Coated Steel Frame, Unique, Numbered Inner Legs for Easy Height Adjustment, Floor Fixed Options with 3 Holes in the Base of Each Leg for Screw Fixing to the Floor, Delivered Fully Assembled. Dimentions: 400-550mm 406 x 450mm 260 x 220mm 450mm 610-770mm W520mm(20in), (FixedWidth) (16x 21in) (16 x 18in) (10 x 8in) (18in) (24-30in) D515-565mm. Max Weight Limit 190kg(30st) || NOTE: If your seated hip width exceeds 43cm then this product may not be suitable for you. || NOTE: If you have any obstruction behind the toilet e.g. pipes, then this product may not fit. In order to fit correctly over the toilet bowl, this product requires a distance of 41cm from the front of your toilet bowl rim to the furthest outer part of any obstruction behind the toilet.

Important information

Avoid tripping over a toilet frame

When using a toilet frame, please be very careful when you stand up and walk away to ensure that you do not trip over the toilet frame legs, as they stick out from the toilet.

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