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Bath Seat Powered Bathmaster 2000 Standard

Bath Seat Powered Bathmaster 2000 Standard

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This stable, reliable bathlift has a comfortable padded seat that can be folded and removed for easy cleaning, transportation and storage. The frame of the Bathmaster 2000 can also be folded, giving a lightweight, two piece portable unit that is easy to handle and carry. Height range 42.5cm down to 7.5cm from bath base. This product extends a minimum of 60cm along the internal flat base of the bath, and the bather will need to allow for sufficient space to extend legs while seated. This bath lift does not recline. Width of the internal flat base should be at least 38cm. Suitable for users up to 190 Kg. Complete with hand control and charger. Not recommended for corner baths. N.B. This product needs to be charged regularly as it does not have a fail safe feature. Failure to ensure the battery is charged may result in the lift being unable to raiser the user out of the bath.

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Hints and Tips for using powered removable bath lifts

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Using a grab rail with a bath lift

Using a grab rail with a bath lift

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