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General advice for getting into and out of a car

General guidance for getting into and out of a car:

  • Three door cars are usually better than five door, as the front doors are usually larger - giving easier access.
  • Avoid wearing tight skirts or dresses as these restrict movement.  If you do choose to wear a skirt or dress, pulling them up slightly at the back can make getting into or out of a car a little easier.
  • Some people find that leather or leather-effect seats are easier to slide onto.
  • Take care that on a windy day the door does not close on your hand.
  • Please check that anything you use in-between you and the car seat (such as a turn-table), is acceptable to the insurance company – apparently this is NOT always the case.
  • Try supporting yourself on the frame of the car when getting in and out.
  • If purchasing a new car bear in mind that people carrier style cars are high off the ground and are often easier to get in and out of.
  • People with hip replacements should not bend their hips through more than 90° for the first three months after the operation.
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